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QA Women’s Fitness Training Tips – Fit That Dress

Would you like to be in the best shape of your life? Would you like to slip into that black strapless dress that you have hanging up on the closet door for the last week and feel great about wearing it?

The real question is with all the new fads and training hoopla that is out there, what should you do to get into your best shape in the least amount of time?

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Into Your Best Shape in Weeks


Q: What is the best exercise to get fit for a woman?


A: It first depends on where you are right now. But the most complete exercise is interval running. Running hard for a few seconds, then walking or jogging for a minute or so. You will burn a ton of calories, naturally build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, build up your cardiovascular endurance, and get a total body workout.

Q: What can I do at home to get into shape?


A: At-home exercises are becoming more and more popular as women realize that in just 20 minutes a day, four to five times per week you can get into amazing shape. The best workouts include just bodyweight and a combination of different types of calisthenics. Some exercises include running in place, push-ups, jump squats, side lunges, crunches, jump rope, and the like. Doing these exercises for 15-30 minutes a day four times per week is a great plan. Adjust your intensity according to the shape that you are in.

Q: What diet changes should I make to lose weight and tone up?


A: Diet changes are usually a critical part of getting fit and into shape, especially if you have a bad diet. Some immediate changes you should make are: drop fast food, dump high-calorie drinks, eat a balanced 40-40-20 diet, and eat three meals and a snack a day, but nothing within two hours or so of bedtime. Also, never skip breakfast.



Q: How can I slim up without getting bulky?


A: This is usually a fear that a lot of women have that shouldn’t. In order to get bulky, you have to do a lot more than most women will ever do, not only in your workout but in your diet. To be on the safe side, focus on doing high reps and low weight. Still look for the burn as this means that you are really burning calories and building lean muscle too.



Q: What can I do to be dress ready?

A: Being dress ready is so important. There are so many occasions when you have to be ready to slip on a dress. The first thing you will want to do is find something that fits your personality that you can start to do every day that will burn calories. If you know the thought of running makes you sick, don’t do it no matter how good of a workout it is. If the thought of walking is soothing, then go with that. If you hate the gym, don’t worry about it, start a home workout program. Focus first on burning calories and becoming consistent, then focus on building lean muscle in your bum, thighs, back, and shoulders. This will give you great shape and are the areas that are highlighted by a dress.


Hopefully answering these five frequently asked questions about getting fit as a woman will help you to attain all of your fitness goals.


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