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6 Weight Loss Tips – Weight Loss With No Exercise

Please note that: You can lose weight with these easy steps.


Step 1: On the rocks.

Drinking cold water or any other drink providing that it does not contain any sweeteners will make your body burn more calories. Going for the cold option will allow you to burn up to 10 extra calories each day, adding that to a year you will lose half kilo or one pound of weight this way.

Step 2: Drink? Yes please!

Did you know that by drinking plenty of water will make your metabolism run faster compared to those who do not drink enough water during the day? Just 8 glasses of water will kick start your weight loss, and all you have to do is drink.


Step 3: Eat more often.

Having regular snacks will increase your metabolism in comparison to having three meals a day where you teach your metabolism to slow down. By having regular snacks every 3-4 hours will mean that you eat less during mealtimes too. Who thought that eating more would burn more calories? Genius!


Step 4: Spicy hot hot.

Spicy foods contain compounds that will kick start your metabolism into higher gear. To increase your metabolism rate by 23% eat one tablespoon of chopped red or green chilli pepper. It can last for short period of time but if you eat spicy food more often then the increased metabolism will benefit you greatly.


Step 5: Espresso to Go!

If you like coffee then this will be a treat for you because did you know that drinking black coffee will increase your metabolic rate and burning of 50 extra calories few hours after drinking the coffee. If you drink black coffee cold you will burn even more calories. But try not to add sugar or sweeteners and milk to the coffee as you will take in more calories than what you will burn.


Step 6: Cup of tea.

Drinking green tea or oolong tea which can be purchased in any Chinese or Asian foods store can make you burn calories. Drinking two cups of tea a day can result in extra 50 calories being burnt each day, that’s a loss of 2.2kg or 5 pounds in a year!


Practicing these simple 6 steps every day will make you burn more calories in the day than what you have been burning before. Burning more calories will mean that you will lose weight. If you feel that you want to kick start your weight loss without exercising then use these 6 tips and consider choosing weight loss supplements which can help you lose weight as well.

You can follow some very good programs below. It will help you lose weight safely, naturally and quickly.

Make your dreams come true, love yourself more and live a more meaningful life, now.

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