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5 Simple Tips To Stop Dizziness

Being dizzy is one of the worst symptoms that you can ever feel. Dizziness can make you uncomfortable, sick and even suicidal. But worry no more! Here are 5 simple tips to stop dizziness.


1. Sit in a dark room

The best thing you should do if you feel dizzy is to sit down in a dark room. Bright light or unpredictable light patterns can aggravate dizziness symptoms. The dark room will also decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system which in turn reduces dizziness.

2. Wear ear plugs

Noise is a contributing factor to dizziness. Noise can sensitise dizziness and can make it far worse. The simple solution to this is to wear ear plugs. Ear plugs help to block any noise out and hence reduces any dizzy spells.

3. Wear balance bracelets

Balance bracelets are the new homeopathic phenomenon which helps to reduce your dizzy spells and also improve your balance. Designed by top homeopathic and chiropractic physicians, they are known to help nausea, dizzy spells and headaches.

4. Avoid hot temperature

Heat increases nausea and dizziness. Keep yourself cool as much as you can to avoid reproducing wooziness and vertigo.

5. Bite on something hard

Biting on something like a piece of wood in your mouth can reduce any dizzy spells. This reduces dizzy spells as this triggers a reflex in the brain stem to reduce sensitivity in the balance cortex. This is an ancient primitive reflex in preparation for a nervous situation. For instance, if you ever felt nervous, you will bite your teeth. This will dampen your vertigo reflexes.

You can follow the Vertigo and Dizziness Program

Vertigo and Dizziness Program is an online system that teaches you a specific series of gentle exercises you can do to increase the blood flow up to the head to release any tension and squeezed nerves that are causing vertigo and dizziness.

The entire system is designed to tackle the problem through a four-part series instead of masking it with some prescription medications. And not only that but it is 100% safe, natural and effective.

There are no expensive therapies, doctor visitors or side effects needed. Just a couple of minutes a day and you can release the tension in the areas that are causing you to experience the awful symptoms associated with vertigo and dizziness.

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